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2011 Year to Date Country Performance

Below we highlight the year-to-date performance for the major equity indices of 78 countries around the world.  The most noteworthy data point in this table is the United States' year to date change of -2.63% (S&P 500).  While we're still in the red for the year, the US ranks 12th out of 78 in terms of performance, and we're outperforming all of the G7 and BRIC countries as well. 

Just four countries are currently in the black this year -- Venezuela, Botswana, Jamaica and Ecuador.  Greece and the Ukraine are the worst performers year-to-date with respective declines of -45.15% and -46.93%.  The UK ranks second out of the G7 countries with a decline of 7.35%, followed by Canada (-10.13%) and Germany (-13.70%).  Italy is the worst performing G7 country so far in 2011 with a decline of 19.25%.  All of the BRICs are down more than 10% year to date.


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