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Country Market Caps

Below we highlight the percentage of world market cap for the largest countries in the world according to Bloomberg.  We also highlight how much each country's percent of world market cap changed in 2010.  As shown, even though US markets gained last year, the country's percent of world market cap declined slightly.  The US still makes up nearly a third of world market cap, however, and it is more than four times as big as the second biggest country -- Japan.  China has the third highest market cap in the world, followed by the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, France, and India.  While India and China are still considered emerging markets by most, they both have bigger market caps than Germany!

With a gain of 0.54 percentage points, Canada saw the biggest increase in percent of world market cap in 2010.  India gained the second most, followed by Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Mexico.  France saw the biggest decline in % of world market cap at 0.75 percentage points, followed by Italy and Spain. 


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